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What happens if someone gets a DWI in North Carolina?

A police officer can stop your car at license check points or if the officer notices you do something “suspicious” because the law states an officer must “encounter you during the lawful course of his duties.” This leaves a pretty wide range of ways for an officer to lawfully encounter a driver. This does not mean, however, that your attorney cannot challenge the reason for the “encounter.”

If the officer believes he or she has reasonable suspicion that the driver might be Driving While Impaired, the Officer will then arrest the driver and take him or her to the police station. At the station, the arrested person is requested to blow into the Breathalyzer. If the offender refuses to blow into the Breathalyzer at the station, he or she will be charged with “refusal to submit to chemical  analysis” and will probably be charged with DWI as well. Refusal to submit to chemical analysis will be used as “evidence of  impairment” in court.

If the driver registers .08 or higher he or she will likely be charged and arrested for DWI. After the charges are filed, the driver will be taken to the magistrate to determine if he or she will be able to go home or to jail. This will be determined by the seriousness of  the offense and by input from the police officer as to if he feels you pose a risk of getting into further trouble if you leave the station. Many people have been “released on their own recognizance” only to be right back in trouble in a few hours or less. At the police station, during the arrest, the driver’s license is revoked for 30 days (on first offense) in what is called a “civil revocation.” The civil revocation is required of everyone arrested for DWI. The offender can get a driving privilege 10 days after the arrest if the person gets a DWI Substance Abuse Assessment and complies with the outcome of the assessment . If the driver gets no assessment, he or she can pick up his or her driver’s license at the clerk of court’s office after 30 days has passed and by paying a $75 restoration fee at that time. The license is valid until the case is resolved in court.

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• Assessment


• Short-term (20 hours)

• Longer Term (40 hours)

• Intensive Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment (SAIOP) (90 hours)

• Out Of State Review is nonrefundable fee.

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We provide payless DWI services and accept reasonable payment plan arrangements.

Refusal to blow into the Breathalyzer or take other types of breath or blood alcohol test is rarely a good idea. Refusal to blow into the Breathalyzer at the station will cause the arrested person to automatically lose his or her driver’s license for 1 year even if found not guilty of DWI. If found guilty of DWI and refusal, the person can possibly lose his or her license for at least 2 years, one year for refusal to blow the breathalyzer and one year for the DWI conviction. The judge has no choice in these revocations. The revocation is mandated by the NC Division of Motor Vehicles not by the court or Judge.

If a first offender registers a .15 or higher B.A.C. (blood/breath alcohol concentration) on the Breathalyzer or blood test, he or she will be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device ( Monitech Ignition Interlock Systems or Smart Start). The Ignition Interlock must remain on their car for a minimum of 12 months,. A person who has been convicted of more than one DWI will also be required to install the Interlock Device and it must remain on the car for a period determined by the court or DMV, sometimes up to 4 or more years..

There is a one-time additional fee on any treatment level if you choose to pay as you go as long as payment is made by the end of last session. Please call us at (704) 379-1960 to schedule for appointment.

We can get you scheduled within 24 hours of your call to help you meet any court mandated time constraints.

Our services are available to you in a professional and comfortable environment where your privacy and wellness are our top priority.

ADETS Program Schedules:

All Prime For Life and ADETS participants must enroll at A Turning Point. There are only 10 spaces allowed for each ADETS session and it is on a first come, first serve basis. Clients who do not have an NC DWI may also take the 16 hour educational Prime For Life program for a variety of needs and to meet certain legal requirements.

Call A Turning Point at 704-379-1960 for more information.
According to NC DWI laws, an assessment is only valid for 6 months. Participants must actually begin attending the ADETS classes within 6 months. Enrolling within 6 months and starting classes later still requires a new assessment according to statutes.

A Turning Point utilizes the Prime For Life program as our ADETS programs. It is a verified, best-practice model that is required for the State of NC DWI ADETS programs. For more information, visit

The standard Drug Education provided by A Turning Point will consist of five 3 hour groups, scheduled to be completed in one week.

For more information, call 704-379-1960.

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