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Fees and payment:

Payment can be made by check cash, credit card or money order.


Call about fees:

• Assessment


• Short-term (20 hours)

• Longer Term (40 hours)

• Intensive Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment (SAIOP) (90 hours)

• Out Of State Review is nonrefundable fee.

Call for more Information.

We provide payless DWI services and accept reasonable payment plan arrangements.

A Turning Point Substance Abuse and DWI Services is here to help you resolve your DWI problem. We will complete your DWI Assessment and get you started as quickly as possible, sometimes even the day you call. We know what you are going through.

If you have all the above items, we will type a letter directly to your attorney, probation officer. We need your conviction date to release a report to DMV to release your driver’s license. We ask that you call us immediately after your conviction to provide us with your conviction date or to inform us if your case is dropped, dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. This will help us complete your completion form (“508 form”) to the State to release the suspension of your driver’s license Otherwise, restoration of your driver’s license will be delayed.

Please call us at (704) 379-1960 to schedule for appointment.


There is a one-time additional fee on any treatment level if you choose to pay as you go as long as payment is made by the end of last session. Please call us at (704) 379-1960 to schedule for appointment.

We can get you scheduled within 24 hours of your call to help you meet any court mandated time constraints.

Our services are available to you in a professional and comfortable environment where your privacy and wellness are our top priority.



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