The Assessment Process

Fees and payment:

Payment can be made by check cash, credit card or money order.

Allow at least 40 minutes for the DWI assessment when you schedule your appointment. If you live in another state and received an NC DWI, A Turning Point can help you with your assessment and classes or counseling without you having to return to North Carolina. With our help, you can meet all requirements by receiving services in the area in which you live.

The Placement requirements are from the NC DHHS DWI Services and are based on the result of your assessment:

Level 1 ADETS: Alcohol/Drug Education Traffic School
ADETS is the lowest level of service we provide for individuals recommended as a result of their DWI assessment. ADETS is a 16 hours of alcohol, drug, & DWI education. This can only be provided by programs that are licensed to provide ADETS.

Level Two: Short-Term Treatment Program
A Short-term Substance Abuse Treatment Program is a minimum of 20 hours of counseling over a minimum of 30 days. Agencies can set their own fees for a Short term treatment. Our fee has been one of the most affordable in the state. Our short-term program consists of a Program Orientation and group counseling sessions spread out over no less than 30 days. You must complete the required number of hours in no less than 30 days.

Level Three: Intermediate Level -Longer Term Treatment Program
An Intermediate-term Substance Abuse Treatment Program consists of a Program Orientation and Fourteen (14) 3 -hour sessions and an individual closing session, spread out over at least 60 days. If paying at group time, please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to process payment. All fees must be paid before your completion notice is sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Level Four: Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
90-hour Program, completed in no less than 90 days. This is a three hour session to be attended three times per week.

The DWI Assessment results will assign you to one of the following levels of group or class.
There are five placement levels for DWI substance abuse treatment in North Carolina. There are a minimum number of contact hours and minimum lengths of time a person must be involved. These are now codified into a new section 122C-142.1 of the General Statutes: “Substance abuse services for those convicted of driving while impaired, or driving after drinking by person under 21.” State Rules require that a Substance Abuse assessment is valid for only 6 months.

Call about fees:

• Assessment


• Short-term (20 hours)

• Longer Term (40 hours)

• Intensive Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment (SAIOP) (90 hours)

• Out Of State Review is nonrefundable fee.

Call for more Information.

We provide payless DWI services and accept reasonable payment plan arrangements.

Level I- DWI Education (Alcohol & Drug Education Traffic School):
First DUI/DWI conviction (Total lifetime).
Arrest BAC of .14 or less.
Did not refuse breath test.
Has no substance abuse diagnosis as determined by a thorough alcohol and drug use evaluation.
Must be a minimum of sixteen contact hours completed in no less than 5 sessions.

Level II-DWI Short-term Treatment:
More than 1 DUI/DWI lifetime.
Refused breath test.
BAC of .15 or greater.
DSM-IV diagnosis of Substance Abuse.
Meets Level I ASAM (American Society of Addictions Medicine) program placement criteria.
A minimum of 20 but less than 40 contact hours lasting a minimum of 30 days.

Level III-DWI Intermediate/Longer Term Level Treatment:
Meets criteria for DSM-IV Substance Dependence Diagnosis.
Meets Level I ASAM program placement criteria.
Minimum of 40 but less than 90 contact hours, minimum of 60 days duration.

There is a one-time additional fee on any treatment level if you choose to pay as you go as long as payment is made by the end of last session. Please call us at (704) 379-1960 to schedule for appointment.

We can get you scheduled within 24 hours of your call to help you meet any court mandated time constraints.

Our services are available to you in a professional and comfortable environment where your privacy and wellness are our top priority.

Level IV-Intensive Outpatient Treatment:
DSM-IV diagnosis of Substance Dependence, moderate to severe.
Meets Level II ASAM program placement criteria.
A minimum of 90 contact hours with a minimum duration of 90 days.
According to Health Insurance, the State of NC, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and NC DWI Services, the Intensive
Outpatient Program (IOP) requires at least 3 sessions and 9 hours per week in treatment. This program may be preceded by a brief
inpatient stay for detoxification or stabilization of a medical or psychiatric condition.

Level V-Inpatient/Residential Treatment:
DSM-IV diagnosis of Substance Dependence, severe.
Meets Level III or IV program placement criteria.
Upon discharge from inpatient treatment, a person has to enroll in an approved continuing care or outpatient program to meet the 90-day time frame. There should not be any significant period of time between inpatient or residential treatment and beginning the 90 day follow up. There should be no resumption of alcohol or drug use, even in small amounts prior to the 90 day follow up. If there is more than a couple of weeks between residential treatment and beginning the follow up or if there has been any substance use, the DWI client will likely have to begin a new treatment program. N. C. law allows up to 15 days credit for inpatient treatment in place of mandatory active sentence. However, an inpatient treatment facility can admit a person to inpatient treatment, ONLY, if that person meets the ASAM criteria for this level of treatment.

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